Industrial Ignition Systems:

  • Abacus IMT specializes in the repair and maintenace of industrial ignitions.
  • Tired of mag problems? We can upgrade you to modern CD ignition.
  • Not ready to upgrade? We provide professional mag repair services.
  • All brands supported: Altronic, Waukesha, Muprhy, Cat etc.​

Periodic Portable Emissions Testing

  • Equipped with state of the art testing equipment, our technicians specialize in engine tuning for permit compliance.​
  • SCAQMD certified testers.
  • Complete reports or printout strips available.
  • Full color, detailed reports are stored and easily recoverd.
  • Emissions Remediation​

Laser Shaft Alignment

  • High tech equipment means alignments are performed more precisely than ever.
  • The time spent on alignments is shortened and your process is back on line quicker!
  • Alignments are logged and full color records are kept of each alignment. 

Specialty Services...